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Celebrating Science with STEMfest

Nevada STEM Networks had a virtual interview with Brandolyn Thran to learn about STEMfest – what it is and why it’s such a great model for the future of school science fairs.

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Karen Purcell, P.E. From the STEM Field: Meet Karen Purcell, P.E.

In honor of National Engineers Week, Nevada STEM Networks reached out to Karen Purcell, electrical engineer and president of PK Electrical, Inc. In the following interview, she shares insight into her company, her journey in getting to where she is today, and words of advice to future STEM career-seekers.

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Important Information for Teachers About Computer Science Education - August, 2019

The work continues to move forward with Computer Science education in Nevada. Please read these important updates...

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People to Know: Ruby B. Johnson

Ruby B. Johnson advocates for women, and other underrepresented groups, through STEM. Ruby’s experiences range from Miss Sierra Leone USA to Mining Engineer to creator of her magazine, STEMher by Ruby B. Johnson Magazine. 

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STEM Teacher of the Year: Teri Mann

Teri Mann was named one of six Nevada STEM Teachers of the Year in 2018. She has been an advocate for STEM at her school, Staton Elementary, and in her community.

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Advocating for STEM in Nevada: Marlys Pryor

Guest blogger, Tracey Gaffney, and UNR student, Valeria Ampié, sit down with Maryls Pryor to talk about Women in STEM. Read about Marlys's experiences as an Aeronautical Engineer and about her volunteer work with STEM organizations in the Northern Nevada area. 

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Important Information for Teachers About Computer Science Education - April, 2019

A lot has happened in the world of computer science in Nevada. Thanks to the work of the Department of Education and Computer Science Subcommittee of the STEM Advisory Council, Nevada is recognized as a national leader in computer science.

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DISCOVERY Children’s Museum Brings STEM Learning to the Las Vegas Valley Through Hands On, Interactive Experiences for Families to Enjoy

As the premier children’s museum in Las Vegas since 1984, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum has worked very hard to ensure that it encompasses a welcoming place for all children and families to explore and create. Throughout the museum, guests can delve into three entire floors packed with heart-pumping, brain-boosting, curiosity-satisfying fun, adventure and discovery.

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