Meet the New Engineering Fellows Program!


The Engineering Fellows Program (EF) hosted by the Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology, in partnership with the Regional Professional Development Program, is recruiting for the 2020-2021 school year. Teachers can expect several changes this year, however!


If you’re not familiar, the EF program works with elementary teachers to increase their confidence and excitement about teaching engineering, as well as increase the quality of engineering instruction for students. Teachers would go through a model engineering lesson and then teach the lesson to their students. Model lesson topics included The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and Homeless Populations in Nevada. Teachers also evaluated existing engineering lessons (TPT anyone?) for quality and came up with ways to improve the lessons. Finally, teachers developed their own engineering lessons, in collaboration with local engineers and university students. Teachers have developed really exciting lessons for their students, including activities such as dissecting cow eyes, creating digital models of water filters, composting, and cartography!


Students working on an engineering design projectExample of student work during an engineering projectTeachers working to design an engineering lessonEngineering Design Lesson workflow


This year, the program will see some exciting changes!

  • Instead of inviting a cohort of teachers from one particular grade level, the program will have two cohorts by grade band: a K-2 cohort and a 3-5 cohort.
  • The program will include two phases, with Phase 2 being an optional extension. Phase 1 (Fall) will focus heavily on evaluating and adjusting existing engineering lessons. Phase 2 (Spring) will focus on original lesson development.


All participating Fellows will receive a stipend, substitutes for workshop days, a bank of lessons, and a completion certificate that can be used for license renewal hours.


K-5 teachers from anywhere in Nevada are invited to participate. Workshops are expected to be held in Carson City and Las Vegas. Depending on interest, another workshop location may be added to accommodate teachers outside those areas, particularly rural or NE areas.


Distance learning options are in development as a contingency plan.


If you’re interested in the program, please sign up for more information here or contact Tracey Gaffney at