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Think you know STEM? Check out these exciting STEM careers in
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Karen Purcell, P.E.

In honor of National Engineers Week, Nevada STEM Networks reached out to Karen Purcell, electrical engineer and president of PK Electrical, Inc. In the following interview, she shares insight into her company, her journey in getting to where she is today, and words of advice to future STEM career-seekers.

Ruby B. Johnson advocates for women, and other underrepresented groups, through STEM. Ruby’s experiences range from Miss Sierra Leone USA to Mining Engineer to creator of her magazine, STEMher by Ruby B. Johnson Magazine. 

CS for Nevada

Computer Science, part of the “T” in STEM, is more than just computer programming. It is computational thinking, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving. These are tools our students need to learn in order for them to be successful in the world they are now living and in the future that is to come as more and more jobs are becoming computerized. Nevada is making great strides in computer science education initiatives. Click “Learn More” for further information and to join our community!