NV OSIT in Partnership with the National Institute for STEM Education

In partnership, the Nevada Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT) and the National Institute for STEM Education (NISE) are excited to announce the launch of the OSIT NCST Pilot Cohort! Thirty-five educators and leaders, working in collaborative groups from school districts across the state, are engaged in high-quality STEM professional learning to positively impact Nevada students’ success!

OSIT NCST Teacher Workshop
OSIT NCST Teacher Workshop

Upon completion of the OSIT NCST program, participants will earn the National Certificate for STEM Teaching (NCST). NCST candidates are guided through the development of a portfolio that demonstrates proficient understanding of teacher actions essential to STEM teaching and learning. 

OSIT's partnership with NCST will elevate the cohort's understanding of the following three Domains and fifteen Teacher Actions:

NCST Teacher Actions

The origin of this program was inspired by the fact that NV Governor's Designated STEM Schools have regularly communicated to OSIT the desire to: 

  1. Engage more teachers at their schools in STEM.
  2. Continue STEM professional learning.
  3. Advance their school to a higher tier of the NV Governor’s Designated STEM School Framework.

The OSIT NCST pilot program was designed upon three guiding principles: 

  1. Student autonomy
  2. Constructivism
  3. Explicit/reflective methodology for 21st-century skill building

To learn more about becoming a Nevada Governor Designated STEM School, visit https://osit.nv.gov/STEM/Gov_Designated_STEM_Schools/

Designated STEM School

To learn more about the National Institute for STEM Education or the National Certificate for STEM Teaching, visit https://nise.institute/index.php