Nevada STEM Framework Resources

The Nevada STEM Framework describes the attributes of high-quality STEM schools, including their systems, instruction, experiences, and community partnerships. Below, you will find resources to support your school's goals and initiatives, organized by Framework Category.

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Category I: The School

The School Category describes school-wide systems that enable and sustain successful implementation of high-quality STEM programming. Systems include a clear STEM vision, strong leadership that believes in STEM and can make cultural changes at the school, time for professional learning and planning, and a flexible schedule that allows for STEM experiences. 



ACESSE Resource C - Making Science Instruction Compelling for All Students: 

Discover Engineering: Messages Matter: Effective Messages for Reaching Tomorrow's Innovators: 

NAPE Root Causes and Strategies tookit: 

OSIT STEM Equity Plan Template

STEM Equity Program Evaluation Rubric:  

STEM Teaching Tools, Equity Collection: 

Strategic Planning

OSIT SWOT Analysis Template

Category II: The Classroom

The Classroom Category describes high-quality STEM learning experiences. High-quality STEM learning experiences rely on authentic, real-world problem solving and collaboration that aligns to the local STEM workforce.  


Professional Learning

National Institute for STEM Education: 

STEAM: A Working Definition and Guiding Principals: 

Instructional Planning

Next Generation Storylines: 

Priority Features of NGSS-Aligned Instructional Materials:[final].pdf 

Science and Engineering Practices Progression by Grade Level:

Using the 5E Instructional Model to Introduce STEM Disciplines:

Category III: The Community

The Community category describes interactions between STEM professionals, students, and families.  When students of all ages work alongside STEM professionals, they develop a strong personal sense of STEM identity


Family Engagement

Million Girls Moonshot Toolkit: 

WestEd Family Engagement Toolkit:  

STEM Next STEM Family Engagement Planning Tool: 

Industry Connections

CCSD Career Guides 

OSIT Community Partnership Manual

Workforce Connections NV My Future: