Mt. Rose Elementary teacher, Kristen Jackson, has partnered with Desert Research Institute (DRI) to translate two of DRI’s Green Boxes into Spanish; Waste Warriors and Energy Efficiency. These hands-on STEM resources are available for classroom teachers across Nevada.


I hope to become a Wildlife and Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon. I plan on majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and/or double majoring in Wildlife Ecology, hopefully, cum laude.


I knew I was meant to be a physician senior year of high school. We got to wear white lab coats for my AP environmental science lab. As soon as I put one on and looked in a mirror I knew this was what I was meant to do, it was simply a feeling. 


I’m a graduate student at the University of Nevada, Reno pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. In particular, I work in the Intelligent Mobility Laboratory and I work on motion planning systems for an autonomous vehicle.

My goal when I graduate is to help invent technology that will help people with a disability, like the self-driving cars, and in turn help everybody else. These types of technology can make sure more people can achieve independence. 

entries like the main character in the book Restart. “This use of technology is more STEM focused because we used the iPads as a tool for the experience, as opposed to publication.”  Riverview Elementary has been focusing on integrating STEM across all core content areas. Miss Pluta likes the change: “Before we had access to the iPads I had to teach computer science standards primarily with unplugged lessons. Now I am able to integrate my math, science, and computer science standards into lessons using the

At Riverview Elementary School in Dayton, teachers are innovating the way they teach using technology provided by OSIT’s K-5 classroom grants.  And they’re seeing results when it comes to student engagement, problem solving, and collaboration skills.


When Peavine Elementary in Washoe County set a goal to bring more hands-on, standards-based science lessons into all its classrooms, teachers were excited. 


Oasis Academy in Fallon already had a Lego Robotics program for grades 3-12.  So, when CEO Melissa Mackedon was looking for a way to introduce her youngest learners to robotics, she turned to the Nevada STEM Advisory Council’s list of Recommended STEM Programs and found Kinderlab Robotics.


Nevada is a leading state in the country for computer science education as indicated in the national K-12 Computer Science Access Report presented at the State Policy Forum on September 27, 2018 in Colorado. 


A lot has happened in the world of computer science in Nevada. Thanks to the work of the Department of Education and Computer Science Subcommittee of the STEM Advisory Council, Nevada is recognized as a national leader in computer science.