STEM Student Voice: Autumn Cuellar

About Me Autumn Cuellar

Everyone can do different daily tasks in their life. For some people, these daily life tasks can be more difficult or impossible. This is because they have a disability. No matter how hard they work, they can't be fully independent without someone helping or using assistive technology. I know the feeling of this struggle to be independent because I have Cerebral Palsy.


I use computers every day. They are my hands whenever I need to write. Knowing that I am going to use this assistive technology for the rest of my life, I really wanted to know how it works. Therefore, I decided I wanted to be a Computer Scientist. This career allows me to get under the hood of something I use daily and see how to actually works. It also gives me opportunity to use one of my favorite subjects: math.

Why UNR?

UNR has one of the best engineering colleges and it is close to Carson City, my hometown. Studying here at this college allows me to get an amazing education. It has increased my independence by living in the dorms, but I am still close enough to my family whenever I need help or support. 

My Career Goals

My goal when I graduate is to help invent technology that will help people with a disability, like the self-driving cars, and in turn help everybody else. These types of technology can make sure more people can achieve independence. As a soon to be Computer Scientist with a disability, I know some of the ways people like me need help. I can use my knowledge and experience to help create helpful technology. I will continually search for new ways to do tasks, so everyone can be independent.

My Advice

Stephen Hopkin said while signing the Declaration of Independence, “My hands may shake, but my heart does not.” This quote mainly says that I may look different on the outside, but that doesn’t mean my passion isn’t true. Be proud of who you are and what your dreams are. Don’t be discouraged if you’re one of four women in class or you achieve goals in different ways than your classmates. Keep your head high because you can achieve anything you put your heart into!

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