Equity in STEM

In Fall 2019, STEM stakeholders from across Nevada came together for the STEM Summit, hosted by the Nevada STEM Networks. During the STEM Summit, STEM program designers, facilitators, educators, industry leaders, and government representatives discussed and identified needs for the State of Nevada’s STEM ecosystem. As described in each region’s Strategic Direction, three major themes arose from the Summit: 

  • Equity in STEM
  • Awareness of STEM opportunities
  • Access to high quality STEM education

The committees in each region (the Northwestern, Rural, and Southern) have been compiling best practices regarding increasing equity in STEM, as well as examples of local programs that have been working to address inequities in STEM. Below you’ll find strategies, examples, tools, and research regarding equity in STEM. 

These documents are meant to be a launch point for program designers and providers with an interest in addressing inequities in STEM in Nevada. The STEM Network Committees fully acknowledges the complexity of this topic as well as the group’s limitations. These documents are not meant to fulfill the region’s goals toward eliminating inequities in STEM, but rather are intended as a conversation starter. The Networks intend to use these documents with stakeholders in the region as we collaboratively work toward eliminating inequities in STEM, and we encourage you to do the same.

Northwestern Equity Tool

Rural Equity in STEM Tool

Southern Equity in STEM Tool