Important Information for Teachers About Computer Science Education - August, 2019

The work continues to move forward with Computer Science education in Nevada. Please read these important updates below. If you have any questions or further concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Cindi Chang - Have a wonderful start to the new school year. You are amazing individuals and our students are blessed to have you supporting their education in every way.


Topics covered:

1. Computer Science and Applications semester course for graduation is up and running this fall. Examine exemplar techniques for teaching this new course.

2. Computer Science Summit 2020 is coming!!

3. Student logo contest for the Summit

4. Computer Education and Technology for all K-5 students to roll out in Fall, 2020

5. Senate Bill 313 - new grant opportunities

6. Nevada Computer Science Education Status Report for the biennium 2017-2019

7. Endorsement updates

8. Help Wanted! Would you like to help shape CS initiatives in our state? Your help is needed…


Computer Science and Applications course required for graduation

As the school year has begun for most of our districts, so has implementation of the newly adapted course in computer science and applications required for graduation from high school. (Please see April’s blog post or the CSforNV > State Legislation tab for more information.)

Resources will be available on the CSforNV > Resources page to assist educators and districts in implementation.


Computer Science Summit 2020 is coming!!

Achieving 20/20 Vision for CS Education

Nevada will be holding its second statewide Computer Science Education Summit on TWO dates and locations in 2020. SAVE THE DATES for: February 8-9, 2020 in Reno, NV and March 28-29, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV.

This Summit is open to ALL K-12 Administrators, Counselors, Educators who are implementing the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Computer Science and Integrated Technology in all grade levels, and NSHE teams responsible for pre-service teacher prep programs.

Come receive:

1. up-to-date policy information for administrators and counselors,
2. ​administrator guidance on implementing current and upcoming laws for K-12,

3. classroom tools, resources, demonstrations, and support for educators,

4. specific planning time for NSHE teams who develop pre-service teacher programs, and

5. grant information for districts, charters, and higher education

6. PLUS - networking opportunities with your colleagues across the state

Registration will be open on October 1, 2019. 

Visit the following links for your choice of city:

Reno (Feb. 8-9):

Las Vegas (Mar. 28-29):


Student Logo Contest for CS Summit 2020

Calling all DESIGNERS!! The Nevada Department of Education Computer Science Program, in partnership with the Nevada Regional Professional Development Programs and the State Office of Science, Innovation, and Technology, present the Nevada Computer Science Summit 2020: Achieving 20/20 Vision for CS Education. The state CS Summit planners are looking for an outstanding logo concept for this year’s theme:

Achieving 20/20 Vision for CS Education


Who: This contest is open to ALL Nevada high school students
What: Create a clean logo design representing the motto for this year’s conference theme: “Achieving 20/20 Vision for CS Education”
When: This logo design contest ends September 20, 2019
Where:  Please submit your design in PDF FORMAT to this email: and include your name, email, representing high school, and a teacher’s name and email so we can contact you if yours is the chosen entry.
Why: This is an opportunity to showcase your design skills, be a part of the marketing team for the state Summit, and win a CASH PRIZE of $100!!



K-5 Computer Education and Technology Beginning Next Fall, 2020

Senate Bill 200 (Section 3.1) which amended NRS 389, prescribed that: “Before beginning sixth grade, each pupil who is enrolled in a public school, the Caliente Youth Center, the Nevada Youth Training Center or any other state facility for the detention of children that is operated pursuant to title 5 of NRS, including, without limitation, each pupil with a disability who is so enrolled, must receive instruction in computer education and technology approved by the State Board, including, without limitation, instruction on the skills necessary to complete the criterion-referenced examinations administered pursuant to NRS 390.105”. This became effective July 1, 2018.

The Department gave districts some time to work towards this end as they were focusing on getting the changes in place for the semester course required for graduation. Now, the focus this year for the districts and charters must be on getting computer education and technology integrated in the K-5 curriculum.

Resources are being developed by the standards writing team to support teachers and our RPDP’s stand ready to assist with training. Additionally, this area will be of considerable focus at our upcoming Nevada Computer Science Summit 2020. We encourage all administrators and educators to attend one or more of these professional development opportunities.


Senate Bill 313 - New Grant Opportunities

The FY20 Computer Science Education Grant Allocation application has recently been posted to the NDE website. Please visit for more information.

The allocation put forth in SB 313 to the districts and charter schools is:

Clark - $400,000

Washoe - $100,000

Rurals/Charters - $200,000

In addition, SB 313 has provided the means for: 

~ Districts to apply for grant monies for teacher reimbursement towards a CS endorsement or degree in computer science education, and

~ NSHE to develop curriculum for the inclusion of CS education in pre-service teacher programs. 

The process for these additional grant opportunities is currently under development with the State Board of Education. More information to come in the near future.


Nevada Computer Science Education Status Report: 2017-2019

The new Computer Science Education Report for 2017-2019 has just been released by the Nevada Department of Education Office of Standards and Instructional Support. This report outlines the status of computer science education in Nevada at the end of the overall biennium. The goal of this report is to provide statistical analysis of our accomplishments and bring attention to the areas that still need additional support, guidance, and resources to ensure equitable computer science instruction to all students across Nevada. You can access the report here: under “Nevada Computer Science Education Reports”.


Computer Science Endorsement Updates

The computer science endorsement changes have completed the entire regulatory process with final approval of the Legislative Commission on June 25, 2019. Please visit: under “New Licensing Endorsement Requirements for CS”. You will find:

~ A list of the new course requirements 

~ An FAQ sheet

~ A list of approved courses

~ Information on where you can get these courses and who to contact

~ And more!

Most important things to understand: 

~ These endorsements are for NEWLY endorsed teachers - i.e. if you were previously endorsed to teach Computer Literacy for example, you do NOT need to get re-endorsed under the new requirements

~ These endorsements are for SECONDARY ONLY. Elementary teachers do not add endorsements to their license under new licensing regulations. Each individual situation is different so please visit the NDE Licensing website for more information or contact them directly. 


Help Wanted!! 

The Nevada Department of Education Computer Science Program will be organizing an advisory team to research and develop a statewide Computer Science Equity and Diversity Guide for educators and school administrators to support their efforts in meeting the requirements set forth in Senate Bill 200 (79th Session, 2017) by 2022. If you are interested in serving on this team, please reach out to Cindi Chang for more information.