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#CSEverywhere -  but we may not understand Computer Science, know how to make the connections for our students from CS to other subjects/careers, or know the first thing about teaching CS to our students. As an administrator, what am I looking for in a CS classroom??

Nevada has specific legislation that requires core computer science standards be taught in K-12, that CS is a requirement for graduation from high school, and coming up in the 2022-23 school year, all HS’s must offer a full year of CS and increase enrollment of females, students with disabilities, and students historically marginalized in the CS field.

There are MANY resources available to support us as we navigate the necessary steps to Computer Science Literacy that our students MUST have in the world they live in.


Virtual Computer Science Education Summit 2022 | Saturday, February 26, 2022

RPDP | Ongoing Code.org CS Trainings (contact Jason Lillebo) | Self-paced CS Learning Modules | Self-paced Integrated Technology Modules

National CSTAJoin the CS community | Standards for CS Teachers | Administrators -  “Look-For” tool, coaching toolkit, counselor guides | Resources for Inclusive Teaching

CSJourneys - free online courses (and others) to learn computer science

District | Check with your specific district for the CS training opportunities available.


Cindi Chang | Nevada DOE | cchang@doe.nv.gov | #CSforNV | #CSEverywhere