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STEM Organizations

STEM Organizations

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National Automobile Museum

200 eye-popping cars with authentic street scenes and sounds. Think about all the engineering that went into creating the modern automobile!


Nevada Challenger

Welcome to the educational adventure of your life! Challenger Centers allow participants to become the astronauts, scientists, engineers or medical team members on simulated NASA-based missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond...

Nevada Department of Wildlife

Being a confident, competent, and ethical outdoor enthusiast requires knowledge and skills. Not everyone learned these skills as a youth, and even seasoned outdoor enthusiasts have plenty to learn. Nature and outdoor skills offer a lifetime of study that can be enjoyed individually or as a family.

Nevada Fish and Wildlife Office

The Nevada Fish and Wildlife Office website home page has some cool videos on the Devil’s Hole pupfish, Mojave Population of the Desert Tortoise, Mojave Desert Tortoise Hatching, Sage Grouse Life History. They offer a number of education events and programs. Check out their Let’s go Outside Website


Nevada Museum of Art
Nevada Museum of Art

E.L. Cord Museum School. Numerous, ongoing STEAM programs for youth (science, technology, engineering, arts, math).


Nevada Outdoor School
Nevada Outdoor School

We inspire exploration of the natural world, responsible stewardship of our habitat and dedication to community.  Contact us to see what adventures, events and volunteer opportunities we have available for your family.