Nevada Mathematics Project

Nevada Mathematics Project is a collaborative statewide mathematics initiative to improve math and science instruction and student achievement in Nevada. We are currently supporting over 140 teachers from the state of Nevada to improve math instruction and develop math and science leaders this year. We supported over 120 teachers last year and 106 the previous years. Over the past three years this project has directly impacting over approximately over 12,600 nevada students!. Over time, as teachers continue to implement these strategies and knowledge many more students will be impacted. These teachers represent every single school district in Nevada including several charter and private schools. Our long-term goal is to transform Nevada and learn from that process. This project is funded through the Nevada Department of Education with federal funds from the U.S Department of Education.

For more project information or future collaborations contact Dr. Teruni Lamberg, Project director at the University of Nevada, Reno at

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