STEM Resources is a program funded by the Department of Education and the Nevada System of Higher Education which assists students in learning about and preparing for college after high school. It provides information and resources necessary for college preparation. Target Audiences: K-6th Grade, 7-8th Grade, 9-12th Grade, Underrepresented Minorities College Preparation, College Resources Contact Information    Phone: (702)895-1925
The Mobile Engineering Education Lab is a K-8 outreach program privately funded by The Mallory Foundation through UNR's College of Engineering. It employs current UNR engineering students, who present one-hour engineering lessons to individual classes or large groups. The purpose is to generate excitement in STEM areas and to introduce students to engineering.  Target Audiences: K-6th Grade, 7-8th Grade, Undergraduate Students, Underrepresented Minorities    Contact Information  University of Nevada, Reno: College of Engineering