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STEAMHack Chain Reaction Challenge!

Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 7:30am to 12:30pm
Event Location: 
Tuscany Suites and Conference Center, Las Vegas
What is a STEAM-Hack Chain Reaction Challenge?
The STEAMhack™ Chain Reaction Challenge is a speed-building event where teams of 3 – 6 students receive a kit of materials and 3 hours to build the most impressive chain reaction-style machine based on their team’s pre-contest design. Machines and teams will be judged based on functionality, creativity, spirit of whimsy & fun, and teamwork.
Problem Statement - To design and build a chain reaction machine (2019 new problem) that will:
“Feed a Pet” where the machine needs to dispense “food” (marbles or beads in the kit or pet food they buy) based on the “pet” triggering the chain reaction)
For further rule clarification or other pre-competition questions please contact our event coordinators:
Steve Woffinden -
Kathi Swagerty -