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Universal Design in Science Education - Concord Consortium

The Universal Design in Science Education project develops technology-rich science curriculum modules for grades 3-6. The goal of this project is to use UDL principles to create practical science materials for students and teachers in inclusive classrooms. The project will create inquiry modules around the theme of energy. They will address questions such as Why are there clouds? and What do plants eat? Probes will support lab investigations and computational models will allow students to explore virtual environments.

Whole class mathematics

Whole class mathematics - Tools for facilitating effective whole class math discussions that support learning



Whyville is a site where millions of registered "citizens" come from all over to learn, create, and have fun together. Whyville is their world. Whyville has places to go, things to do, and of course, people to see. Whyville has its own newspaper, its own Senators, its own beach, museum, City Hall and town square, its own suburbia, and even its own economy - citizens earn "clams" by playing educational games. And much, much, much more!

WISE (Web-based Inquiry Environment)

Developed by the University of Berkeley with multiple partners through NSF funding, Project WISE used knowledge integrated learning environments research to develop learning modules or units. Teachers can establish a class and provide access to their students. The system records student comments, work, evidence and observations and provides a report back to the teacher. There are around 50 units for teacher access.

Workforce Connections

As Southern Nevada’s Local Workforce Development Board, Workforce Connections oversees the One-Stop Delivery System for this Local Workforce Development Area. This website will provide you with information specific to your needs.