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2017 Nevada K-12 STEM Challenge

  1. Overview- The 2017 Nevada K-12 STEM Challenge is about engaging students and teachers to help solve some of Nevada’s biggest challenges. Throughout the Year of STEM, the Governor has invited every student and teacher in Nevada to think about statewide problems outlined below and present their solutions at student recognition events.  For details on this year's K-12 STEM Challenge, click here.
  • Drought and Water Conservation
  • Cybersecurity
  • State Parks
  • Land Use
  • Clean Energy
  • Environment
  • 21st Century Learning
  • Drones
  • Modern Transportation/Infrastructure/Autonomous Vehicles
  1. Application Process
    • Applications to be included in the recognition events must be sent to and received by the Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology by February 28th
    • Please submit an application with the following information:

i. Students’ and teachers’ names

ii. Grade level of students

iii. School and school district

iv. Challenge category

v. 1 page abstract describing the project

  1. Project Details
    • Projects should be student-led, teacher-supported, and seek to provide a solution to a specific challenge related to one of the challenge categories listed above
    • Students should use principles of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as well as research, team work, and critical thinking to present information about the challenge and their proposed solution
    • Completed projects should include a brief write up, a visual, and a 60 second video
  2. Recognition Event Details
    • There will be two recognition events, one in Southern Nevada and one in Northern Nevada.  The recognition events will be held in April or May, 2017.  Additional details on the dates, times, and locations will be posted here in the next few months
    • Students will have the opportunity to showcase their projects 
    • STEM professionals will be invited to view the projects and mentor students
    • Students with exceptional projects will be invited to present their solutions to members of the Governor’s Cabinet for further study