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Registered Nurses

Looking for a hands-on STEM career where you can help people and interact with a team every day? Registered nurses (RN) are needed in Nevada and the median wage in the Silver State is $81,000 with top earners making $108,000. RNs assess patient health, develop care plans, administer to the ill, and advise patients on health maintenance. 

Skills Needed


Active Listening - Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.


Social Perceptiveness - Being aware of others' reactions and understanding why they react as they do.


Service Orientation - Actively looking for ways to help people.


Speaking - Talking to others to convey information effectively.


Reading Comprehension - Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.


Coordination - Adjusting actions in relation to others' actions.


Critical Thinking - Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.


Judgment and Decision Making - Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one.


Monitoring - Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action.


Writing - Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience.


This following graph displays the lower, median and upper income potential of the job.

  • Lower Income Salary $60k
  • Median Income Salary$81k
  • Upper Income Salary $108k

Employment Projections for this Job


Education Pathway

High school courses

  • Below A rigorous high school STEM education - versus the minimum required for graduation - prepares students to come up with creative solutions to tough problems, better preparing them for college and new careers.

  • Recommended years of math:
    0 1 0 1
  • Recommended years of science:
    0 1 0 1

Degree Levels Offered

    • Advanced Family Nurse Practitioner CERTG
    • Nursing LPN TO RN Bridge AAS
    • Nursing (RN/BSN)
    • Nursing AAS
    • Nursing BS
    • Nursing DNP
    • Nursing PHD
    • Nursing AGS
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice
    • Nursing
    • Nursing (RN-BSN)
    • Nursing AS
    • Nursing BSN
    • Nursing MSN
    • Nursing Practice DNP
    • Pediatric Nurse Practioner CERTG

Paying for school

Education by degree The following are the total graduates from all the Nevada System of Higher Education institutions in 2014-2015 school year.

  • 233

    Associate's Degree

  • 390

    Bachelor's Degree

  • 17

    Doctoral Degree (academic)

  • 41

    Master's Degree