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Official STEM School Application

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The mission of the Nevada STEM Advisory Council is to increase student interest and achievement in the fields of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics, leading students to fulfilling careers in the New Nevada economy. As Nevada's economy modernizes and diversifies, the State will need more workers with the necessary STEM skills to fill in-demand positions in industries such as advanced manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, information technology, aerospace and defense, and agriculture.

The STEM Advisory Council is charged with identifying and awarding recognition to not more than 15 schools in this State that demonstrate exemplary performance in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

WHAT DOES THIS AWARD PROVIDE? Designation as a Governor's STEM School denotes that your school meets the highest standards of STEM instruction and is a model for schools around the state.
Designations may be used in school marketing/promotions. The top 15 Governor’s STEM Schools will be recognized by the Governor at an annual STEM School recognition event held in Carson City.

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS Any K-12 school in Nevada is eligible to apply.

APPLICATION DEADLINE AND TIMELINE Applications are due January 20, 2017 at 5:00pm. Applications will be reviewed in January and February. Schools under consideration to be named a Governor's STEM School will be contacted to schedule a site visit. Awards will be announced in April and awardees will be recognized at a recognition event by the Governor in May.
If you have questions regarding the application, please contact Brian Mitchell by email or call 775-687-0988.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Please respond to the questions below in a double-spaced 12-point font document and upload using the button below. You may download these instructions as a PDF, by clicking here.

First and last name
Job title
Applicant school and physical address
Applicant email address
Phone number


1) Describe the history of your school and the community you serve (500 word maximum)


2) Describe what/how STEM is taught at your school and how STEM is used to develop problem solving skills. (500 word maximum)

3) Describe the degree to which STEM content is integrated within classroom instruction with non- STEM content areas such as Art, PE, English, Language Arts, Social Studies and Health. (500 word maximum)


4) Describe to what extent STEM instruction is available on a fair and equal basis to all students in a culture that is welcoming, stimulating and nurturing. (500 word maximum)


5) Describe how teachers at your school facilitate student learning during a STEM-related experience inside/outside the classroom, etc.. (500 words maximum)

6) Describe the extent to which students work collaboratively to find solutions to local and global problems. (500 word maximum)

7) Describe how STEM instruction is tied to future STEM career development and preparation. (500 word maximum)


8) Describe the degree in which administrators support STEM-related experiences within school such as scheduling, funding, teacher time for collaboration and opportunities for professional learning. (500 word maximum)


9) Describe the degree of parent engagement and collaboration in support of STEM experience within the school and/or classroom. (500 word maximum)

10) Describe STEM partnerships with the community, industry, business, higher education etc. (500 word maximum)

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