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STEM careers are defining Nevada’s future. As the demand for STEM talent in Nevada continues to grow, Nevada STEM Hub aims to share resources that can help educate Nevadans about these vital careers and motivate Nevada’s kids to pursue STEM career paths.


Registered Nurses

Looking for a hands-on STEM career where you can help people and interact with a team every day? Registered nurses (RN) are needed in Nevada and the median wage in the Silver State is $81,000 with top earners making $108,000. RNs assess patient health, develop care plans, administer to the ill, and advise patients on health maintenance. 

Oct 24
Urban Chamber of Commerce, 1951 Stella Lake Street, Las Vegas

Join us in this hands-on workshop that will change the way you do business, saving you valuable time and money!

Nov 17
The Discovery, Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum, 490 S. Center Street

You’re invited to explore the artistry of mixology by taking a hands-on look at the science behind the craft of cocktails.


Rudy lives his own version of CSI Nevada on a regular basis, serving as a Medicolegal Death Investigator/Technician Supervisor for the Washoe County Regional Medical Examiner’s Office.

When Jason Geddes was a child, he dreamed of one day becoming the governor of the State of Nevada. Or an astronaut. While he’s not governing from Carson City or looking down on us from space, he has made a tremendous difference for our state. And the environment.

jobs in conservation

Monitoring includes clipping and weighing vegetation to calculate the plant growth of an area. The Rangeland Health program is designed to help ranchers make decisions related to their land that promote economically viable and sustainable practices.